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170 days ago / Alex777
However, representatives of this breed do not know how to limit themselves in nutrition, therefore they often suffer from excess weight. Proper balanced nutrition is a guarantee of your pet’s well-being and long life. In this article, we will tell you how to feed your pug properly, what foods are prohibited, and how to choose natural or dry food for pugs. 
170 days ago / Alex777
Representatives of the Labrador breed are excellent companionable dogs that can accompany owners everywhere, babysit children, eat from the same table. They are not picky about food and can consume the same as the owners. But is it so good for the pets themselves? An animal of this size and exterior needs proper nutrition, saturated with important elements – vitamins, minerals, and the balance of all components must also be observed. The question remains open: “How to feed the Labrador?” 
170 days ago / Alex777
When choosing a diet, it is necessary to proceed from the fact that the Boxer is a fairly heavy dog. When feeding with natural products, the diet should be selected so as to provide the puppy with the maximum necessary amount of substances required for the life and growth of the body. It is necessary to carefully and competently select the menu for each feeding. In addition to fruits and vegetables, which are necessary for a puppy’s diet, do not forget about vitamins and feeding. This is very important for heavy dogs. 
170 days ago / Alex777
And now about the essentials – how to feed Yorkie? This is the first and most important question that all owners of these pets should answer themselves because proper nutrition for this particular breed is the key to good health. Often this phrase is perceived superficially, so let’s strengthen its meaning by saying – food for York is EVERYTHING!