Bedlington wool requires special care. They do not shed too much, but the soft and thick coat often leads to mats. In addition to frequent combing, the owner will have to do the grooming of the dog (at least 6-8 times a year). Whether it is more expedient to contact a professional groomer for this is up to the owner to decide. But grooming will require certain skills to make the dog’s coat look neat and well-groomed. In addition, in addition to grooming the hair, the dog’s eyes also require grooming (due to the fluffy and thick hair in the forehead and muzzle), and every day. Wipe them with a damp cotton pad. After eating, Bedlington’s face is wiped to avoid drying out the remains of the food. Hair from the ears is periodically removed, and then the auricles are cleaned with a damp cotton swab. Dental care is also mandatory – daily brushing, as well as eating, treats to prevent the formation of tartar and plaque.