Bedlington Terriers are genetically predisposed to liver disease such as copper toxicosis, so they need a diet. It is better to feed Bedlington Terriers more often than other adult dogs but in small portions. The most suitable, easily digestible food containing enough carbohydrates for the animal’s energy consumption is rice. It is useful to give porridge with meat, fish, or chicken broth. Cereals should always be boiled in water, it is recommended to add broths before use. All foods should be non-greasy. It is helpful to give your dog a small number of eggs as they are easily digestible protein sources. Chunks of turkey or rabbit meat can be used. Vegetables raw, grated, are very useful. Boiled pumpkin is also helpful. Greens are also sources of vitamins – lettuce, dill, young nettle, celery. It is finely chopped and added to ready-made dishes. Before serving, nettle must be doused with boiling water, then it will lose all its burning properties.