The Hysterical Bond


What happens to you after several months of no contact with your dog?

It was no mistake with the stories and old tales of a dog being man’s best friend.

According to this footage, Boaz a Yorkshire puppy owner has been away from his adorable hysterical dog for six solid months.

It was not an easy task living him behind in the first place. Man needs to make provision for the family.

Fortunately, his arrival triggered the joy of fatherhood-coming home to a happy family that welcomes you with open arms.

Imagine the reaction of the Yorkshire pup from just seeing his father. What a scene!

The way he bounces around the house, the kisses, the excitement and joy of seeing him will make one want to get a dog.

Truly, dogs are man’s best friend, and this notion cannot be argued. There is nothing more than having a family who loves you, and you love them back in return.

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